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Cairn is an iOS app that makes it easy to find and collect cell coverage in the wilderness, keep emergency contacts up to date, and track your progress. Cairn’s mission is simple: Keep people safer in the outdoors. We think that getting outdoors is essential for the mind and body but that adventuring comes with inherent risks. With Cairn you can go more places knowing that you’ll be able to make an emergency call. Feel more comfortable hiking solo. Because getting to the top is optional; getting home is mandatory.

Cairn was conceived by two friends in 2014 while backpacking in the Cascade Mountains. Cairn founders Tove Martin and Ali Alami (former USAF survival instructor) planned to meet up at an alpine lake. There was no cell coverage and the lake was large. After trudging around for a frustratingly long time their two families finally met up. Neither had told anyone where they were going and when they were expected back, breaking one of the most important safety rules of the backcountry. Being technology veterans as well as avid mountaineers and hikers, they set out to use technology to help people stay safe in the wilderness.

• Crowdsourced cell coverage maps broken down by carrier
• Safety notifications sent at the start and end of each trip, with an automatic overdue notification
• Live location tracking, including phone battery state
• ETA and stat tracking, including distance, elevation gain and time elapsed
• Downloadable maps optimized for the outdoors
• Tracking settings that allow for control of phone battery consumption
• ‘I’m OK’ messaging; Cairn keeps trying to send until successful 

• Cairn users have gathered more than 4 million points of cell coverage on trails all over the world
• Cell coverage data is available in most US national parks, 90 countries, and along the entire Pacific Crest Trail
• 4,000+ safety notification emails sent per month
• Useful for hikers, climbers, runners, backpackers, cyclists, backcountry skiers, boaters, anglers, and more

“The feeling of relief, how grateful I was that we had the app, is something that will stick with me for a while. I’m a true believer in this app now and will continue to use it on every trip I take.”  — Jake Tonnessen (FACEBOOK)

“In southern Oregon I was able to help out some other hikers who needed to call their pick up but couldn’t find cell coverage.”
Daniel Briggs (ITUNES) 

“Love your app and use it almost daily when I go out with my dog.”
June Mansfield (EMAIL)

“We have been using this app in Puerto Rico to help map all the science studies we have been doing in the rainforests above caguas after the hurricane. It is too good to be true.”
@frohkid (ITUNES) 

“Love that every hike contributes info other hikers can use!”
Bird9876 (ITUNES)