"The ultimate hiking safety app."


“Has given my family and friends peace of mind.”

Modern Hiker

“One of the best safety apps for outdoor adventures”

Mappy Hour


Live Updates

Use Cairn to share your location with your loved ones during your adventures. They get peace of mind. You feel safer knowing that they’ll be alerted if you’re overdue.



Crowdsourced Coverage Spots

See where others have found cell coverage on the trail. Know where you’ll be able to check in with your contacts or make an emergency call. Cairn is the only place you'll find this specific sort of crowdsourced information for the outdoors.



Offline Maps and Trails

Download maps — worldwide — and use them offline so you never get lost. Put the distance, elevation gain and travel time for thousands of routes at your fingertips so you always know how much is left to go — and how far you’ve come.


Go more places knowing you can make an emergency call. Feel more comfortable going solo. Because getting to the top is optional; getting home is mandatory.